Off In The Drift

Off in the drift,
The sad goodbye,
A time at the end of a crossroad.

And all is said and done.
An empty feeling returns,
A time to end the night.

Off into the drift of time.
Fighting to try,
While the screams into the night.

The slow drift into the night.
The welcome return.
As all is done.

The night going to a close.
The welcome darkness,
The sad realisation.

Many thoughts,
Many feelings.
The darkness, a welcome presence,
A reminder.
Flashes of all those memories.

A world of hurt and pain,
Reminded to me.

As the mind falls.
The familiar feeling.
The beautiful peace of night.

A world going to close,
The sad echo of night.

As it is.
Off in the drift.
World closing around me.
Not the end,
But a reminder of it.

As the tears fall.
The mind’s realisation,
Comes a peace,
A sadness.
A chance and a end.

Off I drift.
Into the night,
At peace in this drift.
An uneasy peace,
A raging uneasy peace.
As the body breaks apart,
The mind spills forth.

Off into the drift.

Had the title for this poem for a couple days now, never could write, didn’t know the feeling, the words, my feeling, my thoughts.

I’ve found it all, watching an old tv show I liked, letting the mind wonder, thinking, of it all. Bringing me there. A place within the mind, good, sad, reminiscent, worried and ever-so sad I feel like crying until I cannot feel anymore.

While also feeling empty, having lost. Lost all. Without knowing anything. The world crumbling before me, when it’s all okay.

Wrote this listening to two old songs, sad songs from my past. 21 Guns by Green Day and Still Fighting It by Ben Folds.