Take The Chance

Take the chance,
Wherever it may take you.
Being out there,
It’s all about the chance,
Those chance times,
Whever they… may lead.

The off chance.
For those times.
Off taking the chance.
The times,
So young,
So much is uncertain.

The beauty,
And also its curse.

A curse, worth the beauty,
Worth its beauty.

For a time so fleeting.
The time by chance,
All the chances,
Beauty of this fleeting time.

Look at what I believe in.
A time so beautiful.

At this fleeting chance.

To have taken the chance.
The time made perfect.
The casual time,
A time fleeting,
In the beauty of what it was and is.

Writing this thinking of chance, time, times, good things and times, those fleeting times, beauty, and the whole world being perfect, perfect in its casual imperfections, its casual but also perfect being.

Happy and sad writing this, a beautiful feeling, but has me thinking.