Final Memory

The beauty of the final memory.
This time of so much.
Time coming to close.

A goodbye to be said.
To this final memory.
This time coming to a close.

A time remembered,
Before it slips,
Into time.

So much to be,
Places, all in view.

Beauty at the close,
As the night drifts closer.
An end of a chapter,
End of chapter,
End of a era.

To be forgot,
While also not.

Lost to time,
So much in the past,
And to be remembered.
All those times,
So little,
Remembering all those details,

To be left adrift.
An end so sweet,
So abrupt,
But also so very casual.

Through its drift in time.
The sadness,
Knowing of the drift so well.

But a sad happiness,
Of those times.

The time that was, is, and will fade.
Off into memory,
As is with all those other times.

Knowing this ending coming,
Coming from afar.

A memory.
The memory.
Of all those times.

Alright and at peace,
Just as the memories fade.
The memory will fade.

Just the time.
As it fades,
From that.
That final memory.

A very mixed day, for a large number of reasons. Feeling better now, okay, had a bit of a meltdown earlier. Anxiety through the roof, the mind was screaming and dying.

Now’s a bit better, bit better, sad, happy, better. Relegating the end. Probably for the best.