Outward Shine

Outward shine,
The pleasant surprise,
So much,
A universe across,
Places abound.

A reminder,
The thoughts calmed.
A reminder of the calm surroundings.
A world gone free,

It all okay,
With its outward shine.

A world of uncertainty,
Uncertainty but one.
To try and go on,
Tasks come and go,
All that goes,
I go through.

A world made complete in being,
The beauty of people to shine a light.
Light from its outside,
Light outward from its shine.
Bright days ahead.

Oh how it is,
This outward shine.

Writing this, such a mixed day, started okay got good, bad, good, bad and good again. Looking forward to hanging out with friends tomorrow, had a late evening with Uni work but relaxed for the rest. Ended much better than I thought it could have considering some circumstances, but it’s all okay.

So grateful for all the amazing people I have come across in my life so far!