Beauty Of A Couple Words

Those beautiful few words,
True, expression of the mind,
Worth, help.
In this world that can be so.
So cold.

So much help and care to offer.
Too much care to give.
To help where I failed, where I faultered.

To try.
To give and to share.

To be,
To rage into the night,
With this light by my side.

To be, live and go on.
To go on living.
To go on fighting,
Fighting for living,
Fighting for caring.

Writing this, happy, amazing, phenomenal, an amazing day, with amazing mates, introduced to this wonderful person, we chatted ages at this party, politics, conservation, science, policy and all sorts of nerdy stuff. But it was all good appreciated and really cool, meeting them as a friend put us together. It was really cool. Such an amazing night!!

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