Panicked Horror

Mind turning,

The horror,
Heart beating,
Heavy breathing,
A feeling,
The emptiness and panic,
Mind running and I cannot stop.

No escape,
Nowhere to hide.
I need help,
A sudden fit of panic.
Hoping to fall asleep, away into dreams.
To escape a surreal state of thinking panic.

Panic in the time.
All to try.

Don’t know what’s happening, stayed up late, suddenly frightened, panicking, mind rushing, thoughts empty and also full. Panicking right now.

My heart hurting, finding it hard to breathe, in my mind I feel an emergency, like calling an ambulance, but I’m trapped, alone in my head and can’t get out or talk to anyone.

Feeling like death right now and panicking, mind running, everything painful or empty.

Can’t go to sleep, need to, need to escape my mind, so frightened and panicked and really don’t know why.

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