In That Moment

In that moment,
The odd time,
But sweet.

So nice,
But only for a time.

Briefest moment,
Simply there,
And now gone in the moment.

A wonderful time,
Nice, in its time.
That moment,
How it came and gone.

A time gone,
Nice but gone.

Beauty of a moment in its time.
A time before the end.
No matter how short,
The end to which it comes.

Simplest in the finite time,
Before the end,
The end of time.

Here the time comes again.
As it flows,
Past into time.

Oh how this time,
Flows on past.
Beauty for the time,
Into time we all flow.

The path open and closed.
On and on the flow.

For a while,
In this time.
In that moment.

Writing this, mixed, happy-sad, thinking, thinking of the times, times. A time recently, met someone, good times with friends, thinking. How sweet the smallest most casual moments can be. Thinking.