A Goodbye, For the Good Time

A goodbye, for the good time.
Feeling, the mind, light and lies.
A turmoil of the mind.

The past and present as one.
All the being, time, ties.
Into and through time.

The bright light ahead,
Fading as I cannot see.
But remember,
The light, care, world so bright.
Ahead to find.

Peace to be found,
Will be found.
To fight this pain inside.

A raging fire deep inside.
The goodbye, to make the light.
The bye of a dark night,
Allowing the brightness of the new day.

Raging into the night.
Taking my self.
It into light.

A goodbye to be said and not.
Farewell dark past, making way,
For a bright day.

Even within the depth of shadows,
No light there to be seen.
Wading through,
In blindness,
To make through.

I will stand.
To rise again.

Need to clear,
To let the sunlight shine through.

Sometime for the day to shine,

For the light to be found.
The radiance of the world to breathe life,
Into my soul, my core.

A goodbye,
A time,
A chance,
Remembering, never forgetting,
But the forging in the fire.

A time, life.
A goodbye, for those good times,
To let the radiant light shine.

Writing this for a new friend, good friend, thinking, chatting. Work was really stressful today. The day largely was, but this has been the best part. Brightened up an otherwise rough day.

And to my good friend, don’t give up, there is so much. Always hard to find at times, when all is lost. It’s waiting to be found, can be found. The world is waiting to shine. Good friends, company, goals and life can come. It will. Chat to you later.