World’s Beauty

Calling out into the world,
Making a mark,
For the beauty left in the world.

Standing tall,
Walking into what is left,
Beauty to be seen,
Kindness in the world,
A kind heart to give,
In the the time I have.

To make a mark,
On those held dear,
Kindness to give,
Unto the beauty of the world.

So much to give,
To make,
To shine.

Eyes opened wide,
To the world so bright.
A duty, of mine,
To show my true colours,
Kindness, to give to all.

No end to the kindness to give,
All I can give.

To show beauty to the lost,
Those left, hurt, in the dark.
To also find myself, within.

To rage, into the world,
Showing my true light.
Kindness as my tool.
To fight,
Darkness with light, with beauty.

A lesson learnt.
From those darkest times.
Fought, lost, hurt.
Making it out,
A promise,
To help in the fight.
To show kindness to all,
Promise to the self.

Raging to make the mark.

In the past, lost.
In the now,
I have found.
Found what I’ve always known.
But lost, for but a time.
The need to be kind.

Giving my all.

After being lost,
Learning of the beauty to be found,
Clawing my way out of the dark.

I rise,
A vow to keep,
To never give up.
To rise and keep a promise.
With kindness as my core.

To never be lost again.
Knowing what’s true.
What’s right,
What’s me,
To be true.

To show kindness.

Into the world’s beauty.

Writing this, inspired by a good friend. Thinking. Thinking deep, of the past, future, aims, me and the world, it’s beauty and darkness. And the part I want to play.

Finding The Self

Finding the self,
Within the beauty of the time,
Throughout it all.
As the times flow,
Fighting in time.

Fighting the thoughts, doubt within the mind.
Of these times.
All captured within.

Looking in time,
Through time,
And within it all.
All of it.

To find that self.
The calls into the night.

The time within.
Within it all.
This mind of mine,
A rage for the fight.
For the time,
To be there and rise,
From the flames,
Off into the world. It all comes.

How it occurs,
It’s placement within mind,
Within time.

Fighting the past,
To forge a present,
To be it all,
In time.
To make it through.

Finding, the self,
In all the noise,
In all those times.

Trials of feeling, of times. To make anew,
Forged in the fires of experience.

To keep holding true,
In all that comes,
To rage into the darkness of night.
Throughout all those times.

Finding the self, throughout fight, experience and pain.
To keep.
Keep holding true.
No matter what comes to hold back.
To keep.
To go on.
Finding the self.

Keep On Caring

Keep on caring,
Through all those times,
Fighting the fade,
A being to help,
No matter the darkest times,

One with being,
To try to help,
To see that beautiful smile.

All those times,
In the uncertainty of it all,
To keep on caring throughout it all.
To keep the light shining bright.

Kindness into this world.
A goal, a trial.
To care within all these times.
To keep on caring.

Throughout the times so bleak.
To try.
To keep, being me.

Beauty within being,
Being with kindness in heart,
In mind.

To work,
Work hard,
To make kindness in all I do.

To try,
To feel,
Empathy within it all.

To keep on caring throughout all those times.
For it all.
To keep bright, caring,
For all no matter what.

This is me.
What I aim,
To be true,
To keep on caring.

Writing this, deep in thought, thinking, times, chats recently, thinking. Just so deep in thought, about it all. About me. A question for all my life. Questioning who I am and everything, but coming to the same conclusion of who I am. Who I want to be. Happy-sad but also thoughtful.

Of The Night

Of the night,
In the dark of the night.
All I am,
Left, off in this night.

As the night sings.
The time,
All of those times.
Trying, being, in the time.

Off throughout,
In that night.

Trying to be,
In that.
Of the night.

Beauty lights shine,
And of it all,
Left thinking,
In all those times,
As they flow past.

Alone in the dark,
Off in this time,
The dark,
Yet light of the times.m

A torrent of thoughts,
Being in the time,
Left with all those times,
The remnants of the many thoughts,
Echoes of time.

Embracing this night.
All the writing of time,
Flowing past.

Happiness, sadness, all of those feelings,
Within the thoughts, the mind.

As I try,
To walk into the sun.

Writing this after a night out, waiting for the bus home. Listening to lots of songs helping to inspire this poem. With many thoughts, feelings also inspiring it.