Finding The Self

Finding the self,
Within the beauty of the time,
Throughout it all.
As the times flow,
Fighting in time.

Fighting the thoughts, doubt within the mind.
Of these times.
All captured within.

Looking in time,
Through time,
And within it all.
All of it.

To find that self.
The calls into the night.

The time within.
Within it all.
This mind of mine,
A rage for the fight.
For the time,
To be there and rise,
From the flames,
Off into the world. It all comes.

How it occurs,
It’s placement within mind,
Within time.

Fighting the past,
To forge a present,
To be it all,
In time.
To make it through.

Finding, the self,
In all the noise,
In all those times.

Trials of feeling, of times. To make anew,
Forged in the fires of experience.

To keep holding true,
In all that comes,
To rage into the darkness of night.
Throughout all those times.

Finding the self, throughout fight, experience and pain.
To keep.
Keep holding true.
No matter what comes to hold back.
To keep.
To go on.
Finding the self.

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