Keep On Caring

Keep on caring,
Through all those times,
Fighting the fade,
A being to help,
No matter the darkest times,

One with being,
To try to help,
To see that beautiful smile.

All those times,
In the uncertainty of it all,
To keep on caring throughout it all.
To keep the light shining bright.

Kindness into this world.
A goal, a trial.
To care within all these times.
To keep on caring.

Throughout the times so bleak.
To try.
To keep, being me.

Beauty within being,
Being with kindness in heart,
In mind.

To work,
Work hard,
To make kindness in all I do.

To try,
To feel,
Empathy within it all.

To keep on caring throughout all those times.
For it all.
To keep bright, caring,
For all no matter what.

This is me.
What I aim,
To be true,
To keep on caring.

Writing this, deep in thought, thinking, times, chats recently, thinking. Just so deep in thought, about it all. About me. A question for all my life. Questioning who I am and everything, but coming to the same conclusion of who I am. Who I want to be. Happy-sad but also thoughtful.

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