Of The Night

Of the night,
In the dark of the night.
All I am,
Left, off in this night.

As the night sings.
The time,
All of those times.
Trying, being, in the time.

Off throughout,
In that night.

Trying to be,
In that.
Of the night.

Beauty lights shine,
And of it all,
Left thinking,
In all those times,
As they flow past.

Alone in the dark,
Off in this time,
The dark,
Yet light of the times.m

A torrent of thoughts,
Being in the time,
Left with all those times,
The remnants of the many thoughts,
Echoes of time.

Embracing this night.
All the writing of time,
Flowing past.

Happiness, sadness, all of those feelings,
Within the thoughts, the mind.

As I try,
To walk into the sun.

Writing this after a night out, waiting for the bus home. Listening to lots of songs helping to inspire this poem. With many thoughts, feelings also inspiring it.

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