World’s Beauty

Calling out into the world,
Making a mark,
For the beauty left in the world.

Standing tall,
Walking into what is left,
Beauty to be seen,
Kindness in the world,
A kind heart to give,
In the the time I have.

To make a mark,
On those held dear,
Kindness to give,
Unto the beauty of the world.

So much to give,
To make,
To shine.

Eyes opened wide,
To the world so bright.
A duty, of mine,
To show my true colours,
Kindness, to give to all.

No end to the kindness to give,
All I can give.

To show beauty to the lost,
Those left, hurt, in the dark.
To also find myself, within.

To rage, into the world,
Showing my true light.
Kindness as my tool.
To fight,
Darkness with light, with beauty.

A lesson learnt.
From those darkest times.
Fought, lost, hurt.
Making it out,
A promise,
To help in the fight.
To show kindness to all,
Promise to the self.

Raging to make the mark.

In the past, lost.
In the now,
I have found.
Found what I’ve always known.
But lost, for but a time.
The need to be kind.

Giving my all.

After being lost,
Learning of the beauty to be found,
Clawing my way out of the dark.

I rise,
A vow to keep,
To never give up.
To rise and keep a promise.
With kindness as my core.

To never be lost again.
Knowing what’s true.
What’s right,
What’s me,
To be true.

To show kindness.

Into the world’s beauty.

Writing this, inspired by a good friend. Thinking. Thinking deep, of the past, future, aims, me and the world, it’s beauty and darkness. And the part I want to play.

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