Peace As May Come

Peace as may come,
In the night,
From its place, place in the day.

How it flows in,
At rest, peace,
In being.

Worries abound,
I’ll find a way.

Way in time,
A way to go.

The time as it flows into place.

In time,
Peace to be found,
In place and time.

Writing this, had a good day, a long one, but a good one. Feel a little bad about my last poem. Don’t regret it, I meant it, felt it in the moment. But all turned out well. Probably my own stress and overthinking.

Felt at peace, more at peace today. Overall, still so many worries about my future, but J have no choice but to face them, to try.

I’m happy, happy and at peace, with lots still in flux.

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