I Once Had Hope

I once had hope,
So much,
Looking for,
In the waiting and ready to accept.

But it was once upon a time.
The revelations show themselves.
Their dark truth.
Where the mind’s light cannot prevail.

And here I am,
A body and that’s all.
Breathing and living,
Being and existing.
Without hope or happiness.

As I try, I try.
To fight, to find.
To construct my own hope,
Yet to no avail.
There is none.

Yet I keep fighting,
Keep trying.

Is this the overthinking?
Or realising the impossible, this is my goal.
Mind ticking over.
Body giving in.

In mind, body and spirit.
Giving up.
As I try, but all is lost.

All is lost.
All is lost.
And I,
Am lost with it


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