Sad Melody

Sad melody,
Off into the night,
A time in this moment.

As the song goes on,
All it may be,
As all of it is.
The sweet-soft sound,
Of a soft sad melody.

As the sound goes off,
Off into the night.

This sad song,
Full of regret, and not.
Full of mixed happenings,
A song of life.

All there is,
A stroke on the page.
Writing fading into paper.
Mind, into writing.

So much,
So little,
The sad beauty of life,
A song ongoing,
Into the fade,
Of history,
Of the song, onto the page,
Ever to be played.

A sad melody,
The sweet-sad song of life.
In all it goes,
It may be.

Ever, off, into time,
Into its own place.
A sad song, sad melody,
Into time.

Such a weird mood, happiness and sadness, all at the same time. Without really knowing why. Like this poem, captures, or tries to, the uncertain dichotomy of life, feeling, being, uncertainty, of life.