Walking That Fine Line

Fine line,
The chaos and pain,
From the moving in time.

Walking the fine, terror or survival,
Panic or silence.

As the darkness grows,
Realisation, sudden.
Pain, seeking.

Panic, and the calm.
Rage and disappointment,
A past erased in all its forms.

A pain enshrined,
For all the lessons it gives,

A fine line before me.

To tread lightly,
The pain my guide,
To lessons learned.

Music plays,
That song goes on.

Pain of a memory, crushing,
The page turned. Chapter closed.

This fine line, tread.
Walking forth.

The guiding light.
Take me away from the dark.

A fine line,
Knowing better how to walk.

Since I started writing this, this morning, there has been lots. Felt okay, before a mixed day ensued, then a productive few hours on my essay but still. Wrote this, in a number of ways within my own mind.

Happy with how it turned out. Mixed, mixed feelings, hope also.

Thinking about paths, life, decisions, how they are dialectical, dichotomous, and even mutual in their dichotomous similarity.