Chance To Miss

The chance to miss,
Borne, from misaligned,

A mistake of the mind,
Focusing where there is no worth.

Leaving a missed chance,
Amazing people,
Times, places and feelings.
Feeling, humanity at is best,
Rather, than at its worst.

A time to live, breathe and be,
A chance to try, make mistakes and why?
It is human.
It is being.

Complicated, it is,
This existence,
With so much meaning, passion, life.

Some of these, times and trials,
Only come, to show you.
The chances missing out.
Giving you lessons,
Not to miss another.

To give you sight,
To give you mind.
To break free and make a choice:
One, not to miss out on the beauty,
The world has to offer.
The kindness humanity has to offer.
And the will, to try,
To try to make it all,
Even just a bit. Better.

A promise, a goal.
One needing focus,
Away from negativity, distraction.
To show a kind heart,
To a complete stranger.

The best act of a human.
Best beauty of being.
Mere trying, to make better.
All that inevitably comes.

From highs to lows,
Life throws it all.
Take it all in.
Throw away, what is not worth it, Hold dear all that is.
And keep, your kind heart open,
For all that there still is,
For a chance, so fragile and small,
Can encompass the most vast expanses.

Is this something you’d like to miss?

No, go along your path.
Strong in resolve.
Kindness in heart,
Open to all,
Wisdom to tell apart,
From what is detrimental and never helped,
From what is there but having no voice.

Keeping kindness, and truth in heart.
A chance, otherwise missed.
Will never be missed again.
A time to care,
To think,
To be there.
Watching the world from afar,
While also so near.

This is it.
My decision.
I would never want.
A chance to miss.
I learn my lesson,
Take a stride,
Pick up my kindness,
And move on,
Darkness left behind.

Writing this, after a good but mixed day, did a considerable amount of work on my research. A large bit I have been working on for a while.

Felt mixed, from the thinking.

But better now, considering, it’s better to see a good chance in the present I could otherwise miss when thinking of a dark past.

Some amazing people I have had the chance to meet recently, out of nowhere. Somehow.

And old friends I haven’t seen in a long while, and lots is good.

Writing this reflexively, but by the end, its got more meaning to me, and maybe it might be of help my friend in the US. We haven’t been talking long, and if you are reading this, from what you’re going through, I hope all is well, and know it in yourself that you’ll make it out stronger.
It is always when you’re in it, you never see a way out, and it teaches you to be stronger, to push away unimportant things, to live for what is better, and push back what is not worth it. Always a message away whatever the time! Good luck with it all!