Mind’s Outspin

The mind in tired panic,
In tired overdrive.

The mind tired of spinning.
Panicked darting,
Trying to calm the panicked spirit inside.
Flesh weak for the mind’s resolve.

Tired of spinning,
Feet tied in place.
Trying to run.
This will pass,
In time.
For the meantime,
Waiting, trying to calm,
The mind’s outspin.

Its raging torrent.
A storm of all proportion.
Raging against the self,
To throw the mind to one side.

Violently raging,
To find the light.
One that came and left.

Raging to find.
To piece together.
To calm, collect and rage into light.

Desperation great,
To look, to find the place.
Finding, looking, trying.

To claim this place,
The calm pond,
The place to find once more.
To be and make.

In this mind’s outspin.

Just tired, trying, tired of the mind spinning.

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