Perspective in time,
Through the fire
And the raging flames.

Gaining greater chance,
To try, to be,

In this world,
A many-forked path,
The path to walk down.

The stayed hand to gain.
The path so fine,
To be, feel and see.
Along this path walked.

Being in this place.
The mind.

Raging against the pain,
Making this mark,
Making it my own,
Staking myself. Into this world.
My place held firm.
The world to recognise.
Nothing else to define me.

My own mark to define the world in front of me.
Standing tall.
Raging into the world so bright.
Making the light shine for me.

A place to be.
A place to call.
A place to stake a chance.
To bring it unto me.

In this place,
Oh how time tries to define,
Tries to make.
I shall stake a claim.
To make a mark.
To do it all,
Try it,
I am here. My own.
To make the chance,
Take a stand.

Time to rage against the pain.
Standing tall,
Standing proud.

To take a stand,
With those I care,
Who care the same.
Nothing to stop or beat me.

Life and its bliss,
At it’s best.

A perspective gathered,
Raging the pain,
In a upward struggle.

To give, make and shine.
To leave a mark, in kind.

Inspired by a friend, been a good day overall, feeling defiant. Raging against the pain. Making a stand, being, living, life.

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