Sorry Inside

Sorry inside,
A day, mind full, thinking.
Sorrow, sorry for what, for lots.

An emptiness, wanting to say sorry.
Feeling sorry about it all.

An empty feeling in the gut.
All left is time,
To heal over,
To leave unforgotten,
Sorrow for mistakes made,
Sorrow for what has happened.

Life comes and pass,
Sorrow a bitter currency,
An occurrence with the passage of time.
A list of regrets.

Sorrow in mind,

Sorrow, thinking.
Oh why,
Does the world play out as such.

Leaving mistakes in time,
Sorrow in the mind,
Apologies in the heart,
For mistakes made,
This is the world lived in.
The time being,
Sorry inside.

Don’t know why, feel a bit sad, but rough, but sorry, first totally relaxed day probably for months. But this feeling is eating away at me so much that I’d rather be working.

One good thing was chatting to a friend who needed a chat when I got home after a birthday party. Trying to help feels better, but still, feeling sorry. Don’t totally know or understand.

Been writing this for many hours today, feel a little sad, sorry, pondering times and existence.