Given Hope

Given hope,
In the time left out to fade,
A little chat,
Introspection into the self and the world,
The faded path,
A little clearer,
The world of feelings,
Being and understanding.
Finding a way through the darkness,
To find myself.

To talk,
About it all.
Life, sorrows and the time.

The slightest ray of hope,
In time,
The walk higher,
Further through time.
Given, a bit of hope in the time.

For the time,
And those times to come,
As scars heal.
The mind finding itself,
Throughout the trials.

Given hope,
A slightest ray of light,
To push out the dark.

Thanks to my American friend, having a nice chat about it all. So much, nice to have had it. Had a pretty mixed day, started good and only got worse with thinking and other people and some really rude people today. Questioning and it’s now okay. Got to think a lot.

The last poem, written, from a mindset of before this chat. Left, unfinished, published unfinished, a thought cut short, a bad time ended soon after.

Thanks, and I can’t wait for you to send me your next poem!


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