After It All

After it all,
It all and the feelings left,
The world of spleandor in the path,
A world made right.

Raging in the world to make right.

A good place to be found.
The world of the right.
Good times, good people and life.

The world,
So right in place,
Fighting to keep the light.

Trying to fight,
To keep.
To be.

In all that is thrown at me.
Trying to be.
To keep.
The light burning bright.

Holding this flame so tight.
To keep it burning bright.
Raging, to keep this light.

After it all.
To keep the light burning bright.

Stressful day, long and stressful shift at the end. But feeling really good, did all I could, tried my best and happy. So brilliantly happy. Happy and thinking of a friend and meeting up later.

So much in my future unknown, no time to try and sort it. Desperately trying. Quite worried but feeling really happy in this moment.

Glad. After it all. My friend. Many friends. And the absolutely brilliant people I work with. Made this shift brilliant, throughout the stress and worries. This is why I love working, why I love where I work. The amazing people I have gotten to know. Many different, from places and backgrounds I can never know. But all brilliant in their own brilliance.

It all will be hard. Me trying to sort out me, keeping working and chasing this future I want. But I’m amazed at the greatness of everyone I’ve managed to see. People of totally amazing quality.

Making it all worth it. So happy! So fucking worried about so much. But happy in this moment. As the worries stay. The happiness is something to hold on to, briefly. But as long as I can.

After it all.