Those times of old,
Memories held,
Times of old.

The good and bad.
A mixture of all the times,
What it all holds.

The trials and trying.
To hold.
To hold and think.
All those good times,
With the reminders,
Of those times forgotten.

The slight chances,
The changes,
The being and the times.

Oh how these times take hold,
Of it all,
How it all plays out.

Those times,
Reminders of old.
Good times and the old,
Those times of it all.

As the choir sings,
The singing of the time.
The songs of the old.

Moving on,
In the ever-expanse of time.
Oh how it is,
How it holds and is.
How it can take.

The beauty of the new,
Re-met in time.
Of all the times that may come,
May be and is.

The beauty,
Left in uncertainty,
Oh how it fades,
How it doesn’t,
Yet remains the same.

The place,
The time,
The chance.
For it all.
What these times bring.

Oh what they bring.
Chances and the times.
To be re-met in the moment,
In that time.

Had a good day, dad down to visit. Was good. Thinking of the future, the good times and the bad.

Ode To The Lost

Ode to the lost,
In time the scars heal over,
Paths find their way,
Their end,
And their shine.

Oh how it feels,
Perfect in time,
To make it all perfect.

An ode to the lost in time,
To find a way, It’ll come.
Feeling a world’s stride away,
Until found at the end of the long path.

The beauty to be found,
In a simple smile,
Kind heart,
Small deed.

Of it all.
To be found in time.
To be found,
In self,
By another,
In a world so dark,
To turn it light.
To just find the light.
Until met.

Greeted with open hands and heart.
An ode to the lost.
In time to be found.
Only a step away.

For all the lost,
To find the beauty of the emergence.
The wondrous beauty of perfection,
To be found.
In that perfect feeling,
That perfect time.

For this time,
An ode to the lost in time.

Writing this feeling good, an amazing shift with amazing people in all my job. Making me love it throughout it all, still worried about the future but knowing I can make it work. Thinking of that amazing friend I’m seeing for a movie night and haven’t seen for ages and have missed. Thinking of my American friend how I really know you can make it past all the dark times to find that shine! Feeling the demons finally subsiding, as they have before. But feeling better, more closure and knowing I am me and no reason to apologise for that, haters gonna hate and all that haha. The demons subsiding. Allowing me to shine through.