The Time To Be

The time to be,
A time,
Looking forward in anticipation.
Looking forward to that moment,
That time,
So nice the chats,
All the times of the past,
Looking forward in the mind,
That time,
A time to be.

The time in the making,
All the time,
Good in every moment,
Even through the thinking,
The thinking of all to come.
It all being worth facing,
The kind feelings,
Nice moments,
All at peace,
In the most finite moments,
Beautiful times.

All being at peace,
Those nicest moments.

This time to be,
These moments,
In the making.
Feeling full,
In the moment.
Of the being.

In those moments,
On display in the mind.
In time.
Of it all.

The crossroads ahead,
Ready for it all,
While also not,
In all the uncertainty.

Okay for the coming times.
All the beauty,
Happy-sad times in the moment.
To be found in time,
Oh how it all happens,
The times and the change.

It all,
Moment by moment,
A time in feeling,
In the time.

In the.
In this,
In the time to be.

Nice, writing this, thinking of all the times to be.

All the moments, really nice day out with my dad, talked to the friend I’m meeting up for a movie night with. Quite ecstatic, chatting is always nice. Remember it exactly when I first got to chatting them. A total surprise at the first moment, chatting all nerdily about Star Wars and got to talking about so much more since. About passions, aims, experiences and it was awesome. So much since, helping, chatting. All really nice. Worried about things in the future, but this feeling. Helps to dispel the worries, thinking about all those good times.