Running In The Moment

Running in the moment,
Peace and turmoil,
The ever-struggle, Uncertainty within my mind.

Running in this moment,
So much to see,
Feelings abound,
A world before my eyes.
So much change,
To change,
To better it all.

Pushing the darkness to one side,
Alive by the change.
Better in the living.

Pure in the making.

That warm feeling,
The nice feeling,
Joy in the moment,
Sharing and helping.
Laughing, being in time.

Feeling really good, had a shit start to the day, but ended phenomenally good, good film with the family, pints and dinner. Remember sitting in the pub alone for a bit, thinking, you know those moments when you think of someone and sum up all the reasons and times in your own head why you love hanging out with them, even in those smallest moments.

Started writing this, messages my friend for that movie night, feeling ecstatic, also organised maybe to have an at-home movie and takeaway but also now a movie night at the cinema also!

So so funny, she replied as I started writing this, I had to take a break from the writing this as I felt to happy and excited to write or be calm haha

Awww, the feeling in this moment. I would say this feeling is what to live for, but no, this is living while the rest is waiting and looking for the next moment like this to come. Of ecstatic happiness, laughter and excitement.

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