Closing Chapter

Chapter to close,
Times finite,
But hopes to hold.

As the world shines,
Beauty, from the finite moment.
Shared in the wondrous moment.
Finite yet good, great, wonderful.

These moments,
As they pass,
Yet leave their mark.
Wondrous, for the times.

Hope, for the future.
So much uncertain,
But hope,
Is certain.

Left thinking,

As this world,
A chapter, to close.
Care in the world,
For the world.

Goodnight and goodbye,
To this night,
This time,
This age.
A wondrous time.

In the moment,
And then to close.

This time.

Left thinking,
Of the amazing world,
That holds.

The beauty of the world,
Living in the present.

This cherished moment,
Giving light,
Through all uncertainty.

In it all.

Looking back,
Through all the times.

All those memories,
Through the chapter’s close.
Beauty in the finite,
In the beautiful moment.

For all those times,
Those gone times.
Beauty beyond the chapter’s close.

A reminder of life,
Those times,
Within it all.

Much left unsaid,
Maybe for the best?
At the chapter’s inevitable close.

So much,
To close on a chapter,
So much with it all.
So much within mind.

Beauty but for…
Beauty within the chapter’s close.
A moment’s finite.
Beauty of life,
The most oddest moments,
Moments of kindness.

Hope in all,
All the future,
And what may come.
Left with bitter-sweet hope.
At the chapter’s close.

The beauty as I stare into the night sky,
A reminder,
Of the close,
Before a new bright day.

The stars,
As they twinkle and shine,
Beauty of the cosmos.
Held, within their moment.

To remember,
The bright closing chapter.
For the hope and light it brings.

Amazing day, with an amazing person, friend. Whom I care so much about. Wish all the best, know all the best will go for her.

In bliss of the memory, of the moment. The beautiful moments.

A happy sad, blissful moment.

At the chapter’s close.

At the chapter’s close.