Oh the aftershine,
The moments,
The time,
Beauty in wonderment.
For it all,
For it all.

The aftershine,
A world mundane but for the shine. The world and its people,
Souls, minds and kindness.
Beauty to be found in the darkest of places.

But just take a step,
Delve to try and find,
To be kind.

The once a lifetime moment,
All is clear in the troubles,
The world shown bare,
Truth of the beauty.
A world in its radiance.

The path walked, rather than the one not.
The times,
Random chance and radiance,
From a single step,
Single chance taken.

A dice-roll of life,
Treasure found,
In those most unexpected places,
Those uneventful chances.
Truth and beauty revealed,
In this realisation.
The world,
Speaking of it all.

The bright sunshine,
The winter’s glistening snow,
It all,
Perfection in the world,
In place.

Times, so precious and finite,
But continue to glow, in the aftershine.
A beacon for what may come.

Oh how sweet the aftershine,
A sliver of gold,
Of hope,
Glowing embrace of time,
Moments present,
Moments past.
The looking,
For future moments,
Always cherishing those yet past.

Writing this, listening to some of my old favourite tracks. Stressed out from work, and future and dissertation stuff. But thinking, my mind on one thing. Thinking, the times and feelings, feeling happy-sad, a bittersweet happiness.