Watching It Pass

Watching it pass,
Moments, times,
Of it all,
Receding into the past,
Into what was known,
Gone into the times past.

A broken feeling in my gut,
Piercing like a knife,
But, happy as I go on,
Trying, trying,
The smile put forward,
Hiding the tears behind the face.

How it passes, life,
Of it all, risks, friendships, care.
Walking to their grave,
All along a single path,
A single path tread.

To stare down the edge,
To the dark below,
Only to look, cry,
And fall.

Just thinking of lots, choices, friends, people, life.

The Steady Calm

A steady calm,
Not an unpleasant feeling but mere calm.
As it all goes well,
My mind in place,
Just laying here,

Thinking, wondering, living.
Just here,
All steady and calm,

All it begs is why?

A question of the mind,
Steady in mind,
Steady in kind.
Here it finds me.
For now, it all still.

Steady calm.

Weird mood, I don’t know why, but also kinda do. Feeling steady, calm, empty but not sad. Just unfeeling, not even unpleasant. So normal I cannot believe it. Lots of good things happening, life, friends, other stuff for the future coming together. But in it all, just emptiness, but not sadness. Do not know. But will have to get through.