To Remember

The cherishing of all those moments,
Those chats.
Built on,
A whole world past,
Making and making this mind of mine,
This kind.

Holding the memory in place.
Thanks, place and hope.
That last day shining,
Beauty in the sun,
The world shining bright,
Kindness, cuteness and wonder.

All held true,
Remembering it all,
For what it was.

Brief, kind, nice.
A time.
Hopefully not for the end,
Golden times,
So much, little, casual and kind.
Kindest moments,
Those little chats,
About it all,
All sorts.

To remember.

Happy right now, also little happy-sad, thinking, of memories, times, conversations. Then thought of my unusual memory for social events, remembering it even many times being able to quote 80% of something said. I’ve always known the reason, as a kid, never saw friends outside of school much, so I made sure a time months ago would be memorised for all I could. Something that has come in both useful and maladaptive for my mental health, but overall, almost a world of help and helps to go on, remember and lots of stuff.

Unfortunately this memory doesn’t go into other areas necessarily, work was stressed last night but yeah. Oh well, live in the moment of happy-sad bliss.