As The Day Goes By

As the day goes by,
Breaking away toxicity,
Left thinking,
Pondering into the night sky,

Being, time and leaving.
As the night comes to take me,
The silence for a time.

The mind is never silenced,
A tortured past,
Scars to be reminded,
Of terrible days gone by.

All in the time,
As the day goes by.

Oh what injustice that can come from living.
Torture a mundane reality.

Getting, already gotten used to the feeling.

With my mind on a plate.

All greater uncertainty,
That is all that it certain.
The mind thinking,
Will is there.
But wondering what is there?
Why to keep on going,
Where torture is normality,
Mundanity from what should not be.

Just another day,
Another time goes by.
Tortured in the mind,
But already-numbed.
To its call.

Has been a good and productive day, nothing really I can fault. But my mind. A mind used to the torture, uncertainty, life. Don’t know why I feel like this to be honest. A better day in the last few, productive and nothing going wrong, but still the feeling. Torture in living. Just living.