World Of Worries

Alone in this world of worries,
Taking the risk,
To make and to be,
Feeling all alone.
All the risk taken,
Stepping away from home,
A path into my home.

Help an ocean away,
Left alone.
In this world my own.

The world of worries,
To forge my way to be.

All in uncertainty,
Left, wondering,
Thinking of the path clear, unclear and unsure.
The worries take hold,
And the mind tries to bring me down to the broken depths.

The mind unsure.
As the song goes on,
To resist the worries’ hold.

Letting the past slip past.
The present in the moment.
Worries for a time so far away.
The times so feared.
And welcomed.

The path clearing,
Seeing the path,
But with this,
More fog closes in.

Worries in the path to come.
Am I,
Making the right choice?
Clearer when so far away,
More uncertain when it closes in certainty.

Pondering the times,
And the times to come.

How certainty comes and goes,
One moment to the next.

This world and how it goes,
The world of worries.

Work was stressful today, many thoughts and feelings, good time talking to a friend after. Solidifying the future, and with it, the worries, about the future, if I’m making a right choice. The right choice.

Having lots of support, from many who care. Being overseas from home. Help always there. With so many close, amazing friends close. But still somehow feeling alone, worried. Feeling alone. They all have things of their own. This is good, but I somehow feel alone.

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