Illusive, Sliver of Hope

This illusive sliver of hope,
The world longing,
For the time to shine.
Bringing, sheltering, keeping,
The sliver of hope.

To this world, mixed nature.
To let the hope,
Open up,
And shine bright.

To let, the sliver of hope,
Hope take hold,
The shine,
As it flows,
On and up,
Into the light.

Determination to fight,
With kindness and care,
Remembering that last day.
The finite beauty,
Of those few times,
On and on,
To those adventures,
Far and wide,
Far and wide unto this world that can seem bright.
Seeing the light.
Of it all,
Beauty of life and all its kindness,
To shine away the dark.

Been a much better day today, lots of productive work and sorted lots of stuff out. Thinking of the recent past and saying goodbye to a good friend I didn’t get to know, so little Time, the few times cherished. Thinking, wishing them luck in their adventures. Hopefully will see them again.

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