Inside The Mind.

Inside the mind,
Waves of the stress.
Worries of doing right,
Of others and what they think,

Trying and always trying.
Compiling the worries of the mind.
Overthinking it all,
Overthinking into overdrive.

Worries of it all.
Only left,
Without direction,
Trying to regain.

Overthinking into overdrive,
Muddying the waters,
Making unclear,
All making it more worse,
The trying,
The failing,
Embarrassment and failure.
Into overthinking,
Only to make it worse.

Left exhausted by the unrelenting mind,
Always trying,
To do alright.

Was a good day today, at the start, then a worse bit at work at the end. Got me thinking of thinking.

But the end of the night was okay, sorted quite a bit out.

Saddened Anger

Saddened anger,
A waking night,
No sleep to be found,
The mind turning, raging,
With no reason in sight.

Sadness and anger,
Without a cause,
The tiring,

All a massive confusion,
Trying to make it straight.
To know,
Tired but no sleep for my mind turns over and over.
No time as my mind keeps going.

Anger and sadness floods.
As my mind lets go,
At peace with this state.

The mind,
Just leave it,
Just stop.

If only the anger or sadness was enough,
To stop this thinking.

Really need to sleep, long day past, long day ahead, but mind is turning. Angry and sad without knowing why.