When It Ends

When it ends,
The beauty flows,
The ocean-sea glow,
From the beauty of the night,
Beauty from it all,
The feeling, hard though it may be,
Peaceful in its sad radiance,
The time of ends,
A time finite,
Making it through,
Making the most of a ticking clock.

As the sand falls,
A reminder,
Of the times past and awaiting.
Beauty from this side.

This time waiting and being,
Complexity, unfathomable in how it goes.

A complex assortment,
Each moment,
Passing by,
A shard of glass,
Fragile and unique,
Preserved in picture,
My mind, the medium.

Enshrining, living and being.
Weathering, resisting and embracing.

As the dark night closes in,
At peace,
Being in time.

As the song flows,
Through and into my soul,
Shaking from within,
Memories of all the moments;
Time and being.
This trickling water,
Oh what knows, The river’s flow,
Fragility, resistance and strength.

Of it all,
To the very end.

Writing this, listening to Darkside by Alan Walker and When September Ends by Green Day.

Nice, sad, happy-sad songs. The former a new song I’m obsessed with, the latter one I’ve liked for years. Thinking. Pondering.

Thanks to my American friend, an ocean away chatting all the time, loving chatting and talking about all sorts. Thanks for all the help!