Scars Accrued

Scars accrued,
Scars, the memories,
Times having come,
A collection, held without any choice.

Memories, an archive,
Remembering all the scars,
Left one by one,
Not to be forgotten.

Each each scar, each memory,
A mark left
No one else knowing,
Living in a world apart.

Never knowing,
Always questioning,
Always remembering, a curse,
Bringing pain with the thought,
Remembering each scar,
Never to be seen,
Tearing at my mind.

The memories behind the scars,
Each time,
Of the time.
A scarred mind.
With the accrued scars,
Left with memories,
Continued of the time.

Writing this thinking, memories, scars, memories. Pain brought back from the past by memories.

Thanks to my American friend, you’ve helped so much. Thanks. Our random chats, nice, just about stuff. Being in life. Helps to put the memories and scars into perspective to leave them, to better confine them to the past of the time. Thanks so much.