Unpleasant Reminder

Unpleasant reminder
Of a past left to die,
The times,
Those darkest of times,
Reminded of pain,
The all-consuming criticism,
Hurt feeling.

The past my mind,
Tried to wipe out.
Brought back,
In the form of a nightmare,
As the memories fade,
The scars last,
To fade, in time, but not quite yet.

The times long past.
Brought to a reminder.
Painful, in how the mind plagues,
When all is, looking up,
Yet the nightmare reminds.

Pain in all the living,
Worst memories,
A death-feeling pain.

Pulling on every organ,
Only to rip apart,
To fester within the mind,
Only when trying to escape.

An unpleasant nightmare,
Reminding what used to be,
Who I used to be,
Ripping into myself through all the criticism,
Breaking myself apart within my

As I’ve escaped,
The reminders still entrap me.
The toxic occurrence,
The mind reminding toxicity.
Always was warned,
Tried to heed.
But never believed.
The worst of humanity,
To entrap,
Infiltrate and to tear apart.

Lessons learnt,
Ones needed, I must guess.
To see past all the facade.
Left in the smallest light when reminded by darkness,
Of how bad the world can feel.

A poison to the mind.
Where it chrses the mind.
Where it breaks apart and killed me.

Had a good day, got home and fell asleep. Woken up very late by a nightmare and I’m left to ponder and write. Was a good day apart from the nightmare.

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