Sorrow Of Thought

Sorrow of thought,
Pressed and placed back in time.

As the wind blows, it passes.

Staring up into the sky.
Left thinking.
On and on it goes,
Calm reflection.

Changing ever so quickly,
Catching the calm,
Through the anger and the pain.
The world to account.
Having shown its true face.
Its dark side.

Rage, followed by finding the calm.
As it all fades.
Left thinking.

The mind raging against itself.
Clamouring at the sides of this well dug deep.

Raging, longing for peace from the mind,
Its grip,
Letting no rest.

No rest to be found.
From the clamours of the mind.

Used to this.
No rest from the sadness.
No rest from giving it all,
To a world indifferent.

A place of sorrow this thinking,
Inside, trying.

When the mind will give no rest.
As it goes on,
This song plays on. Leaving all behind.
As its melody plays,
Mind frantic, mixed and emotions awhirl.

And as the night goes to close.
The lights go out,
It all fades to black.
A welcome thought.
The song playing to end.
Beauty from it all.
Going off,
Losing yourself.

The fight,
In the end,
After it all.
Not worth it.

But as the mind spins,
A reminder of living, being and seeing.
All playing,
Before my eyes.

All mistakes before me.
A reminder,
Holding to the pain,
A reminder,
To try and be better.
The pain a guide,
A remembrance.
Many scars running deep.

Healing, the time, blows and breaks.
On going path takes,
Trying to be.

It all calms,
The fog clears,
Contemplation as the pain recedes,
Bliss from a realisation,
It all,
A complex confusion of factors.
Calm to go on into the night.
Calmly go,
It is all at peace with the last breath of night,
Before the break of dawn.

Doing okay, many good days recently, today was a really good day. But thinking, listening to an old song. Just thinking and this got me writing. I’m okay I think. Just thinking. Funny this, how the mind, keeps on spinning its web. A web of thoughts, ever-ongoing.

I wish, I could help. Could help more. My American friend, I’ always there if you want to chat. It’s only through darkness, the time when people need a hand, to know you’re not alone. Know the feeling well, the pain a second nature. Almost in the background I don’t notice it anymore, it’s just there. Always there. It can get easier, maybe only a little at a time, but it can. Always wishing the best. Would love to see more art when you get chance to make some.