Off Into The Night

Off into the night I go,
All calm and at peace,
Off to be pondering into the darkest of night skies,
Thinking, pondering off into the world.

All is peaceful,
A world,
So large,
Left to ponder, to question.
To be.
To feel the sting of the cold wind.
It feels good,
To feel,
A reminder, memory,

To get used and past,
Put a stamp,
Cordon off,
Embracing the cold night sky.
At peace,
As all the cars pass by.
All of the times,
Laid to rest.
Just as with the passing of time.

As the scar heals,
The mind does not.
But hope to be found.
In all the smallest moments to come,
As they all pass,
All of the people,
The slightest moments.
Come and they pass.

Odd moments in time.
As it all can shine.
No matter how hard to find.

The pieces,
As they’re cut out.
A reminder,
Piece by piece lost.

Stronger through it all.
Broken, scarred but stronger.

Lost in the moment now.
Losing myself in the present, of those moments of normalcy.
An escape.

As life grows,
It changes,
Fades and finds.
The pain running deep,
Finally finding peace.

Peace in it all.

Long time fighting,
Still fighting,
At least life,
Finding in the slightest grasp.

With those all so close,
Holding me so close,
And I hold back.
Golden souls,
Throughout it all.
Give me my shield and sword.
I shall move,
To fight and try to work.

The mind in all those moments.
Go off into time.

Writing this, feeling alright, thinking. Got an unexpected message from a friend, which was nice. While writing this. Very mixed messages, but then, it is the mind’s stream of consciousness.

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