Beautiful Night Shine

Beauty in the night,
The moonlit ocean,
Shining bright,
Lights of the world, fading by its dim comparison.

As the moon shines bright,
All fades to the past.

A moment, so finite.
As the busy world, rushes past.
I’m left, a witness.

As it all fades by.
Given hope by the glimmer.
The beauty within,
Within a moment.
Gasping at once,
The sight striking me.

Wanting to stay much longer,
But yet it cannot stay.

As the waves, they glisten.
The world for a moment seems bright.

Those darkest nights,
Can allow the brightest shine.

All consumed in darkness,
The light shines out harder.

Went for a late-night walk, saw a beautiful sight close by, at the end of my walk. Feeling okay and at peace. The picture’s terrible, as always, never able to capture the beauty being witnessed.

Those Short Few Times

Those short few times,
The moments so few,
Memories from start to end,
Missing those moments as they’re Left to memories, having blown away in the wind.

Times so few, so sweet.
Memories lasting,
As the times fade away.

The times shared.
So nerdy and far behind.

Missing those times as they fade.

So sweet, so few.
Memories bringing me to a chuckle.
The cute and nerdy days.

The world left to a shine,
With the memory of those short few times.
The sun radiantly shining over the hill,
The blueness of summer skies.

Smart, funny, talented and caring,
Within those short few times,
Those past summer days.

Writing this to a friend that’s gone away. Will miss them. Knew then only for but a short time. Nice times. Times, nice summer days.