Final Pain

Final pain, waiting for it to stop.
Let it fade,
Distant into memory.

To gather dust,
Like an old tome unopened.
It gathering dust and cobwebs,
A fitting end,
An end at all.

Pain, a true reminder of life,

The pain piercing,
So used to it now,
Running like clockwork.

Living? What is this.
It is only prolonged dying.
Waiting moment by moment.

Sitting and waiting,
Lost unto the world.

Off into the wilderness I walk.
Into a late night of blissful darkness.

Losing sight of all that is known.
Hoping for the cease.
To see it all wash away,
In the sea of black.

Left, to this sea of black.
Of thoughts.

Somewhat peaceful, getting lost in nowhere.
Losing all the world.
Throughout this final pain.