All Pained Out

Looking up into the sky,
All pained out,
Calm and sad,
In the deep blue sky.

Left, all pained out.
As the clouds flow by.
Where I am.
Mind tired out.

It all fading now.
The mind is numb,
From all the feeling,
Intense to it all.

All pained out.

Feeling difficult,
As it’s all flowed out.

Funny the feeling.
All pained out.
Lost the feeling of sadness,
But still sad.

All pained out.

The world in wait.

As I’m all pained out.
Please believe me,
I’m sorry I’m all pained out.

Writing, thinking, feeling okay, doing work on my final project. But always pondering. A good day tidying the house I’m moving out of with my housemates, probably the first time I’ve really hung out with them since I moved in. Still. Everything thinking.

Started writing this a while ago, been doing more work, a really late night doing work in the library. Has gone well, got a lot done. But still doesn’t change the feeling.

Been writing this on and off for 9 hours. Therapeutic, funny, the ability for words to explain, but also never quite.

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