Fond Memories

Remembering those past moments fondly,
In all the troubles, that has passed.
A smile in the present, looking back on the past.

I can’t help but chuckle,
It’s funny,
How moments pass.

And on I will remember
As I know I can never forget.

As they may fade into nothingness,
Though I hope not,
They shall be kept, anyway.

The moments shine,
As memories flood back,

For the moments sometime fade,
Therein their beauty shines,
A limited moment,
A time of troubles and triumphs,
The good and the bad,
All that there can be.

But for this I remember.
A time before moments pass.

Best poem written today, captures one side of the many, of my thinking, only one rather than many. But captures it well, and makes me happy. Been thinking for a while, finally found a happy line of thought. Reminiscent of much, my personality, thoughts and mind. Nice. Nice.

Has been a truly amazing day, days like this I have truly missed more than could be explained with words, feeling happy, feeling glad, but also a bittersweet sad. But, that’s life, it’s always everything, all the time.

I hold only one true regret. In this life. But I’m trying to find a way to fix this. But I don’t like my chances. But I shall try, as it’s all I can do.

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