Hurt With The Care

Hurt with the care,
The hurt, I’d rather not know.

As the sun recedes,
Over the lit horizon,
Into dark.

A hurt. I’d rather not know.
But know, I know I shall.
Face the pain,
For all whom I care.
To help face their demons.
And then be left to mine,
And face them alone.

And that I know,
I know I will know.
Left out to the night so cold.
But not feeling it so,
But that is what I know.
It’s what I know.
What I know.

The pain, hurts but the help.
Helps with the conflicting feeling.

Alone on this bench,
As the world flows past,
Oblivious, pondering.

The world in all its forms.
A time,
The times of all.

And left to find.

Stuck in being.

Standing in place,
Lost but knowing,
The path ahead of me.

The remedy,
Is of no choice,
To cut free, feel nothing.
Tried many times,
But is against me.

And so the path ahead,
Already chosen.

To feel, and feel pain.
But used to the feeling,
Until it goes numb.

The pain that comes with the care.
Unbearable, but bear it I shall.

Going on,
With the hurt from the care.
Oh how it feels. Hurts. Makes me feel alive.

Life, of pain and care.
But that’s all I have.

Without a choice,
No matter how I try.

As the darkness surrounds me on all sides.
I know your game.
Tired of hurting, but bear it all I shall.

Knowing my demons,
They knowing me clearly,
A part of me,
Are me.
What makes me, me.
Are my demons.
They, nonexistent, without me.

Is to know, embrace and be my demons. A part so close.
Living is my demons,
Without escape,
Except totality.

Knowing my demons,
The otherside to living.
The pain that comes from care.

Happy-sad and pondering, triumph but also losing. Knowing. Thinking. A problem I’ve always had, being highly empathetic.

As writing, hurtful things said burn and blaze through my mind.

The demons are me. Always remembering, always caring and feeling and with, hurting.

Highly empathetic and remembering. Always hurting. I always want to care, I have no choice, even as I’ve tried. But with this, I help everyone I can. And get leaved with pain so total. No one’s fault. In fact I embrace to care and offer help. But it pains me inside always.

It’s the pain that comes from caring, feeling pain of another, understanding and it roaring so deep. It hurts. Hurts to no end.

But I’m a bit at peace, knowing, it’s my charge to feel the pain. A thousand suns raging deep. Knowing it’s mine. My demons are my life, life coming from, dialectically, the demons.

I know the path I tread, not a choice, but I have to. Tried not caring but it’s always been angry at the world for everything. And so I care. To be locked by eternal pain. But happy. Knowing. At peace with the pain of being.

Spent time with some friends, knowing, thinking, trying, but knowing by living I’m hurting. But yeah. By caring it kills me. And so I go on. Bearing the pain. Thinking of my best friend who I would give everything for. Total care for everything. But that’s it. This feeling, empathy. It’s unbearable but also myself in totality.

Feeling. Happy-sad and pondering, triumph but also losing. Knowing. Thinking.

Back To The Call

Back to this call,
Into the call of the night sky,
The bright night sky,
A reminder,
As it lights up against the dark sky.

Into the call,
Call into the night,
Call of the night sky.

The poetic song off into the night.
Back through time,

The calmness of the night.
How it calls,
Through, into, oblivion.

As it all flows,
This beauty of the night,
Silence drifting,
Of all these times.

Times of the night.