Embracing A Sad Goodbye

Embracing a sad goodbye,
Ending at its time,
It’s close.

Saddened by the end,
Enlivened by the times,
So much learned,
So much cared,
Hoping for all the best,
To outshine all the bad.

Another step,
Knowing it’ll all be fine.
Embracing a sad goodbye,
Not wanting to bid the time to close.
But for now,
I, at peace, with a goodbye,
Not wanted to be said.

But it’s fine,
It’ll be alright.
With the world in the making,
To show what the world can be.

I will be.
I will be.

Thank you for all the times,
No matter how far the times pass or leave into distant memories.
I know,
Just know,
Despite. The sad goodbye.
It’ll never be too far.
To know.
To know.
To care and wish all the best.
And to always be there,
If at all the time calls,
No matter when the time calls.

That’s what, it is,
That’s how, it goes.
And that’s alright.
It’s all going to be alright.
But I know how if the time calls,
Whenever that time calls.

I’ll be there,
To try and be there.
To help and to care.

That’s the best of humanity,
To care through humanity.

And thanks,
And thanks, for all the good times.
For making it brighter, for a time.

I’ll always be there,
To help and be there.
As darkness always falls for all of us,
Yet a reminder, for the light.
That reaches out to grab hold of us.

With humanity we can all care.
To be,
And to share.

I care as I embrace the goodbye.
Through time,
Through time.

Wrote this, a little while back. But unsure. Maybe I won’t publish this. But don’t know. We’ll see or I guess you all will or won’t haha. But yeah. Funny thinking or feeling or caring. It makes us human, empathetic, better than the world we’re made of, born into. To make a better one, one small act of kindness at a time.

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