All Captured From Before

From before
Of it all,
The sights, laughs and times.
Moments from the past,
Put into persoective,
Whole in memory.
The trials, torture and triumphs.
Holding myself to help,
No matter the darkness in my way.

All these moments,
Captured, so fragile and now gone.
But the memories stay.
The times as they were,

As the song flows away,
A beauty with its end.
The time, its happening.
Beauty of being,
Being in time.

As the beautiful song flows,
Radiantly into the bright backdrop,
The sun-filled sky.

To hence all will flow.
For all the time.
Let it all flow into time.
Remembering fondly,
Missing it,
And now.
Thinking, missing and welcoming the memories.

Sad Song

As the sad song plays,
So much to say,
The world left in the making.
The chance,
The try.
At peace with the world out there.

Looking out,
Into the far-off sea.
Pondering into the black.
Thinking of the light.
Filled with hope, through the sadness.

As I think,
Sand beneath my feet.
As the light shines,
A while away,

The sky,
Looking so beautiful,
Its dark radiance.
As I think,
At peace,
With the world so whole.

Whole in feeling,
Totality in being.

Looking out,
Into the world,
In the moment.
As the wind blows past.
The sweet silence, with only the sea’s call.

As it all flows,
The reality of living.
The gentle stream of the mind,
Floating in the moment.
Always there, thinking.

A world trapped in a moment,
Time halting in the mind, holding.

A sad song,
Always the start of it all.
A moment growing,
A call, reminder, time.
Feelings remembered,
A world made whole.

It comes from,
This happy-sad, sad song.

Highly pondering, thinking and feeling.

Been on a bit of a come-down. But feel apologetic and grateful, for my best friend being there, more than I deserve, she’s amazing and kind and wise. A sister I could never have deserved. A person I care about totally, a person I owe it all to. There is no way I can repay, but I will always try.

Feeling happy-sad, thinking.