Sun Shining Bright

Sun shining bright,
In the day light,
Looking for the bright day.
As the sun shines overhead.

The time in the moment.

The time to be.
Brightness to come.
A reminder to be.
Reminder of those sweet times,
The good times.

As the wind blows.

The time in the moment.

Kind and sweet in the moment.
With a reminder of those good times

Currently on a walk. Got more to walk. A reminder, thinking of my friend who’s gone away to Japan. Hearing from them always brightens my day. Seeing pictures of their time, reminders of the times we spent together. Amazing times, sweet times. Messaging as I walk them to the bus stop and we message while they get home and I walk home. Just thinking. Living, loving, always just so good. And grateful for the amazing times past.

Okay In Time

It’ll be alright,
In, as times flow,
In time all wounds heal,
Scars heal till only a reminder is left.

Those scars make us who we are.
Painful in the time.
To the dark past within the mind.

As the light shines over the horizon,
To rise and let the light shine.

As it goes,
Okay in time.

Doing better, helping lots of people on Moodtrack, chatted to my American friend only a little, miss chatting haha and a good friends congratulated me on my dissertation hand-in, a good friend who’s only just left and I am missing them while they’re abroad.

But a better day.