At Calm in Thought

At calm in thought in this most curious moment.
In this time,
Thinking and comfused in moment.

Just left thinkibg into the wind.
Pondering in time.

Off as I think.
Into the landscape of the night.

Calm in thought,
Pondering it all,
As I sit here.
Staring into the star-filled sky.
Feeling the world.

In its pondering existence.

As it feels,
Timr flowing past.
Mind alight with all thoughts,
Confused pondering,
Just thinking.
Just. Thinking.

Alright, just thinking, I know and I don’t. But just thinking. Thinking of it all. Life. Just pondering about the world.



In total significance and insignificance.

Being in place,
In time and being,
Remembering the time,
Being in the moment.

More and more. Better and better. Wanting to be better and better. But the best thing, not feeling judged, ridiculed, or made fun of or made to feel insecure.

Thinking of a casual night, in the past. Where although sad in its finality for the moment. It was good to feel at home, in being, existing without another’s constant judgement.

A moment that I am and will be eternally grateful for, in its mere moment of insignificance and total significance.