Comes With Being

There is a sadness that comes with being,
Comes with caring, loving and trying.

A confused plethora of feeling,
Just thinking,
With this living,
This living and caring.

As time flows,
And the songs of the night,
Sing and play their tune.

As the night goes on.
Life, goes on.
Alongside this sad song,
Playing, off into the distance,
As I walk on.
Knowing it will always be playing,
Greeting me at every turn.
Something to know.

In it all,
The feeling, hope and care.

As I smile to myself,
Thinking, yet happy and sad.
As I know, this sad song.
Goes on, just the same.

Always thinking and caring,
Hating myself just for the same.

And I stop for a moment.
Ponder and think.
Just then. The feeling subsides, hoping for the best,
Knowing I’ll always care just the same.

As the sad song plays, and I walk on.

Not really sure what got me thinking of this one, what inspired me. Was just thinking. Thinking, feeling, caring and pondering.