Watching The Sun, Set

Watching the sun set.
Pondering, in being,
Angry at the world for its pain.
Calm in being.

Just being and thinking.
Watching the sun set.

Thinking of the calm being.
The calm of the sun,
Setting over the horizon.
Setting over the sea’s eadge of view,

Knowing of pain,
As it all ends.
As it all keeps.
As it all stays.

As it all is let be.

Writing this sitting on the beach. Waiting for sunset over the pier. To take some photos as the sun sets, thinking, calm, but thinking. Got a few hours to wait, but there, here, I’ll be. Will add my picture of the sun setting that I like to the post picture.

Take the Strain

To take the strain,
Move life to your will.

Davastation comes and goes,
But here we are,
This is life,
What we have.

Here I offer,
A kind heart,
A welcoming hand,
To take the strain, all I can.
To try,
To be when alone,
To feel, understand and show compassion, when all is gone.

I try. I promise.
And I, will never fail this.
To take the strain, to give a rest,
From the fight.
To help and offer what little comfort.

I understand.
I care.
I want to try and help.

Even if it all is,
Being on the end of a call,
An ocean away,
To talk it out.

I know the feeling,
Being so very alone,
A world indifferent,
It is in part a choice,
To see reality, and not to accept the lie worth telling.
A difficult dichotomy.

Not wanting,
To accept a lie.
I offer my truth,
Only care,
What, all little help I can offer.
Just to help,
Making, piecing, day-by-day,
Even a little better.

I cannot say,
How much I care,
How much I hope, it really gets better.
Regret us drifting apart,
Hoping, it’s not something I’ve done.

But that’s that.
All I can.
Ever hoping that my care sent across an ocean,
Consuming all-feeling,
May do a little, somewhere, out-of-the-blue.
To help just a little.
To help take the strain,
For even a short time.

First good night going to sleep in a long time, went out drinking with friends, well, people I didn’t know but got to know. It was nice and good, started the night alone and then saw lots of people and chatted with so many strangers, even helped another plan their undergrad dissertation all out!

Writing this, I’m happy and sad. Happy because I am, because a lovely person messaged me. Sad, because I can never help this person as much as I want to. I would love to take away all that pain onto myself, just to save it from them. They deserve it. But yeah. I’m happy, will always help. Just sad I can never do as much as I’d like.